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Easy-to-use water-based chalk paint with accompanying colour tints, allowing you to create your perfect shade of ZEN.  With 12 tints to choose from and no preparation to furniture or walls required, ZEN is perfect for upcycling and painting feature walls in your home. There are thousands of shades waiting to be created. Layer and distress our ZEN chalk paints to bring new life and vintage looks into your home. Why not visit our blog for inspiration!

How to use


Step 1

Select your favourite label design.

Step 2

Select 3 tints from our family of 12 colours. Your bundle will arrive at your doorstep in the next few days!

Step 3

Add as little or as much of one (or all!) of your colour tints to the base paint and mix to create your desired shade (look out for our FREE GIFT in your bundle to help with this stage!)

Step 4

Get creative – paint your piece of furniture or feature wall!

Step 5 (Optional)

After the paint has thoroughly dried, apply ZEN WAX for a perfect finish.

Step 6 (The most important step)

Take a photo and use the hashtag #MyZen to share your creativity with the rest of the ZEN tribe.

Zen Paint Can
Zen Paint Can
Zen Paint Can
Zen Paint Can

“It was really fun, love the way you can create your own colours. Coverage was great and I used it at my warriors on waste club at school and the kids loved the mixing and creation of their own unique colour, it worked great with doing the ombre effect.”

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