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10 Great Ways to Upcycle Your Kid’s Room

May 29, 2019
ZEN paint tin.

If you’ve got kids or are expecting soon and have something of an upcycling bug or you’re simply looking for ways to stretch your budget and save the planet a little, there are plenty of ways to upcycle your kid’s space.

We’ve put together our top 10 to give you some inspiration and help get you started.


10 – Skateboard Shelves

With a lick of paint and some L brackets, some old skateboards of any size can be simply attached to the wall to make some cool, themed shelving.

Don’t forget to snap your projects and tag them #MyZEN


9 – Drawer Shelves

In a similar principle to the skateboard shelves, given a lick of paint, a few screws and maybe a bit of resizing if necessary, some old drawers can make some sturdy, enclosed shelving.

You’ll be able to achieve this shade or your own variation with some Azure tint.


8 – Rocking chair

If you’re in need of some seating for your kid’s space either f

or yourself or them, a tired, old rocking chair can be given a new lease of life with some paint and an updated upholstery choice.

Mixing a little Moondust with some Azure should bring you to something as rich as this.


7 – Entertainment Changing Table

For a changing table with a difference, take an old wooden entertainment system, brighten it up a little and fit the necessary padding element to make something unique.


A light touch of Azure should give this chalky pastel blue.


6 – Cot Table

Once the little ones get a bit less little and outgrow their cots, don’t throw them away. An outgrown cot can make the ideal desk or table.

Using the un-tinted paint should provide a clean white.


5 – Changing Table Desk

If you made the decision to buy a changing table rather than make one and it’s since been outgrown, why not adapt it into a desk?

While you won’t be able to achieve anything this stark, mixing some Spearmint will give a calming green.


4 – Cabinet Wardrobe

TV cabinets are finding themselves increasingly redundant with the increase in flat screens, but you can give one a new lease of life as a suitably sized wardrobe.

The un-tinted ZEN will provide the sharp white, while some Buttercup will give a more subtle yellow.


3 – Side-table Kitchen

An unwanted side-table or similarly sized piece of furniture can make the ideal basis for a durable play kitchen.

For pink we’re spoiled for choice. Using a Cotton Candy, On Wednesdays we Wear Pink or Jazzberry Jam will achieve differing shades of pink.


The greys achieved here can be replicated with some Moondust.

2 – Bookcase Dollhouse

With relatively little modification, a disused bookcase can be made into a wonderfully personalised dollhouse.


1 – Pallet Bed and Den

Our favourite and most ambitious project is the pallet bed and den. With some hard work, imagination and ambition a collection of frequently disposed of pallets can make a child’s dream bed and a hideaway space.

Again, the un-tinted paint will provide a crisp white, with Spearmint lending some green.


Whatever you create, ZEN has the perfect range of unique shades and options to allow you to be completely original. Share your brilliance with the rest of us using #MyZEN 

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