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Four painting techniques to revitalise your home!

March 7, 2019

We are two months into 2019, which means the drive and passion for completing our new year’s resolutions has officially dried up. But fear not, we have some ideas on how to start reinventing your life, that doesn’t involve trekking to the gym every day, but starts with something a lot closer to home. Is your kitchen table starting to look a little worn? Or maybe you’re tired of staring at the same old coloured wardrobe every morning as you struggle out of bed. With our selection of 12 colour tints at your fingertips, this article is going to show you how to breathe life back into your home, by transforming your furniture into unique, statement pieces.

Marbling: Last year’s obsession with the style and texture of natural stones such as marble, quartz and granite has continued into 2019. However, acquiring furniture made of these materials is often rather pricey – fear not though, you can use a painting technique called ‘marbling’, which is a treat to the eyes and the wallet! This effect is achieved by mixing an assortment of colours with resin, then using brushes to manipulate the paint and create a design. The finished product is stunning, with your choice of shades and patterns resulting in a variety of unique styles.  

Pinterest via cutecraft.space

Pinterest via abstractartsommeliers.com

    If you would like to achieve an effect similar to these pictures, we recommend using a combination of our Periwinkle, Azure and Jazzberry Jam tints to transport you to a galaxy far far away.       If you would rather take a dip in the cool waters of this coffee table, an assortment of Azure, Spearmint and Peacock Blue will transport you straight to the ocean.  

Pinterest via markmontano.com


Splattering: An approach that achieves a similar effect to marbling, whilst using a messier (and more fun) method of application, is the art of splattering. Rather than carefully spreading and swirling the paint, this look is accomplished by flicking the brush at your chosen surface or blowing through a straw. To get splatters of different shapes and sizes, try different size brushes. If you want areas of the surface to remain free from a certain colour, or paint of any kind, use masking tape to cover the required sections. Don’t forget to cover up with old clothing, or you might end up as part of the furniture!  


  You also have the choice to either leave the spatters in their natural form, such as the example to the right, or use your hands to spread and merge the paint into the texture shown below.  


Layering: Although one of the most intimidating and time-consuming ways of painting, layering is worth the effort. This unusual appearance is gained through applying coats of 3 different coloured paints to the object of your choice, varying the brush technique across the surface. On the final layer, a spray bottle and wax are used to blend the shades together. Make sure you leave time for the paint to dry between each layer! The finished product is very eye catching – the perfect way to add a pop of colour to your room. The photos below show the outcomes from using blue and green paint. Why not stock up on our gorgeous pastels and pinks and try for something different?



Ombre: From clothes to hair, ombre has become a trend throughout our society, with the style now being applied to furniture. Why have one colour, when you can have four!? First, start with the darkest shade from your chosen colours and apply it to the bottom of your furniture. After adding a little of your second colour to the first to lighten it, use a fresh paint brush to apply and blend the two together. Continue this until the surface is completely covered.

Pinterest via hometalk.com

  To make the look for yourself, we suggest using Peacock Blue, periwinkle and In The Nude!  

…So, that’s the four ways you can creatively upcycle your furniture to make your home unique! If you decide to have a go at any of these designs, make sure to upload a photo and tag us using #MyZen, we love to see your work!

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