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Making your very own pet furnishings

March 15, 2019

Upcycling and DIY are great ways to create low-budget, eye-catching furnishings without breaking the bank. What may not have occurred to you yet though is that you can apply this principle to your four-legged friends! There’s a surprising range of ways to adapt every day items into amazing furniture for your pets, even better you can make it look great too.

The suitcase A tired, old suitcase is almost a ready-made pet bed. Just bring it back to life with a little colour and add some cushions and blankets.

For those of you with more than one furry friend, you can even divide the suitcase into its two separate parts and create yourself a matching set.

Simply attach some legs, padding and dog. (Credit: pettrow.net)

(Credit: Bedding.step3000.com)

The end table For this particular model you don’t even need a piece of furniture that’s fallen out of use, you can adapt a side table in your bedroom or living room. The only requirement here is that the table has plenty of internal space. The idea is to remove the door and clear out this space, once again fitting the space with soft furnishings to make it comfortable.

Given a new lick of paint and some creature comforts. (Credit: magichouse.us)


The drawers A recouped couple of draws, not even the whole chest, can act in a similar way to the suitcase option. They can be laid on the floor or on legs, given a spruce-up with some colour and, most importantly, lined with soft furnishings.

Simply painted and laid on the floor as a ready-to-go unit. (Credit: pictaram.com)

(Credit: homerunphoto.net)

The TV This one tends to work better for cats or small dogs, but the back casing of an old-style boxy TV can provide a funky little hideaway. Obviously dull colours can be overcome with a lick of paint and some all-important internal padding.

Gutting the TV and updating the colour can make a perfect hideaway. (Credit: gigazine.net)

(Credit: homeanddry.info)

The four poster Turning an old table upside down and giving it a little bit of a workover can form the perfect base for a distinguished piece of pet furniture. By lining the underside of the table with something comfy and using paint to disguise the original form a little you can create a bed for you pet that may well be fancier than your own!

Upturned and repainted. Gives a distinguished touch. (Credit: weatherin.us)

(Credit: Housebeautiful.com)

The set of drawers As a pose to simply taking the drawers and using them as pre-made beds, there is another option. You can remove the draws and capitalise on the open space, which can be a perfect idea for a larger dog. With this idea you can always add some doors to the front and create for yourself an aesthetically appealing kennel if your dog requires one.

A chest of drawers is big enough to create quite a spectacular space. (Credit: Pinterest.co.uk)

(Credit: Pinterest.es)

Tips from ZEN In a general sense, when selecting your furniture piece the first port of call should be something that comes easily to hand, else it defeats the point of upcycling. You should also aim to keep in mind that you’ll want to select a piece and colours that compliment the space and the other furniture in the room. You don’t want to create something that doesn’t fit, so that it’s the only thing you see when you walk in the room. It’s also important to select the correct size and shape of furniture for the size and ability of your pet. You want to avoid building something that they can’t fit inside or can’t reach.

(Credit: Topsy.one)

Don’t forget to check out ZEN’s range of high-quality chalk paints, ideal for upcycling. http://zenpaints.co.uk/play/ If you decide to have a go at any of these ideas, make sure to upload a photo and tag us using #MyZen, we love to see your work!

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